Every year school offers admissions on pure merit basis. In class ECE I (Nursery) all fresh kids of age 3+ are enrolled. However, in all other classes admissions are available with respect to the seats vacant. From class ECE-I (Nursery) to IX and XII, admissions are open in the Month March for ECE, JUNIOR and MIDDLE Section and for SENIOR Section admission will be enrolled in JULY. For ECE-I assessment interview is designed and conducted to check physical and mental ability. Children with minor physical disability except seeing and hearing can be considered, if principal permits. From class ECE-II to VIII admission test comprises English language, Science or World around us and Math. For class IX-XI admission test includes the content from English, Urdu or Sindhi, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The candidate will be considered Ineligible for grant of admission in case, convicted by any court of law, found guilty of misconduct or expelled from any of the School on moral grounds or School authority feels presence of such one detrimental or prejudicial to the peace, tranquility and academic atmosphere.
The rights of admissions to this school are, however, reserved with the Principal.