IBA-Public School provides several facilities to staff and students, which include health, hostel, transport, library, sports and various others.

Well-equipped science and computer labs
Well-equipped laboratories are essential to a schools development. Theoretical knowledge when backed up by practical experiments can help children to understand the basic premises faster and more easily. The Public School has well-equipped and comprehensively stocked separate Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer.

Chemistry Laboratory

The role of Chemistry laboratory is vital in every class School Chemistry courses since students must construct their own understanding of Chemistry ideas. This knowledge, at public School is not simply transmitted by the teachers, but is developed by the students, themselves, in interactions with the substances and with the teacher. Meaningful learning occurs because of all the needed and related equipment are present in laboratory.

Physics Lab

Newton won a stunning victory for the intellect and the democratization of Science, because it became possible for students to have as much authority as teachers. By knowing proper methods, a youth could conduct an experiment whose results might confound his elders.” Physics Laboratory, at Public School is rich with every resource that provides opportunities to students to manipulate equipment and materials while working cooperatively with peers in an environment in which they are free to pursue solutions to problems that interest them.

Biology Lab

Biology Lab, at School, provides students with conceptual and theoretical knowledge to help them learn scientific concepts and scientific methods to understand the nature of Biology. Regular exposure to laboratory work also gives the students the opportunity to experience life sciences by using scientific procedures. In order to achieve meaningful learning, scientific theories and their application methods are experienced by students.

Computer Labs

Computers are the most modern way of leading life now-a-days and to keep our students abreast with latest knowledge in the field of computers. Public School has most modern computers (Core i7) .To meet the needs of the modern era; computer education is given to students from class ECE-1 to class XII.


The school has got one of the biggest libraries in the city under the supervision of a well-qualified, trained and experienced librarian. It is lavishly furnished and air-conditioned. It is organized on the latest methods and techniques. The School library contains a wide variety of 10000 books on almost all the subjects. The students are encouraged to make the best use of the books, periodicals wits and newspapers. Each class has got library period every week. The students are required to write the review of the books to in-calculate and develop the habit of reading and writing. Further the addition of electronic library with the assistance of Sukkur IBA is made. The addition proved very helpful in making the knowledge updated and getting the latest information on each and every aspect


Games and sports play a vital role in harmonious development of mind and body. The institution has been given due importance by making games compulsory for all the students. The School has got two big sports grounds for Cricket and Hockey. Besides, Badminton, volley Ball, Basket Ball Courts, Major games / sports regularly played in the school are Hockey, Cricket, Football and Athletics, Basket Ball, Badminton, Base Ball, Table Tennis and Squash our most modern and beautiful designed Squash Court is fully air conditioned with proper seating arrangement. In addition to, holding Annual Games and sports competitions, matches with other sister institutions are also played quite frequently at Inter School District and Provincial level.

IBA Public School Sukkur organizes sport week in the month of December every year. In which all types of Games are played among the school students, the competition is being held in the Hockey, Cricket, Football and Athletics, Basket Ball, Badminton, Base Ball, Table Tennis etc.


The School facilitates Medical Aid to its students and employees. A well-equipped dispensary with 4 bed rooms is established. This school has got a qualified Medical Officer and a full time dispenser on its strength to look after health of the students. All minor ailments are treated in the School Dispensary. Serious cases are, however, referred to concerned specialist, with communication to the concerned parents. Whenever considered, necessary vaccinations and inoculations are carried out. Periodical Medical checkup of all students is a regular feature. The health record of every child is maintained.


The school provides transport facilities to its students as well as teaching staff, belonging to Sukkur, Rohri, Bagarji, and Chak. The present transport floats comprise two Bedford 52 seats and three Mazda buses, 26 seats, each. The majority of students and school employees do not possess their personal transport. The School is trying its level best to produce more buses and extent the transport facilities to all the carious


At present, there are four houses: Mohammad Bin Qasim House, Sachal House, Ghazali House and Latif House. The first two houses are meant for senior students. The Houses are functioning smoothly and efficiently under supervision of qualified experienced House Masters / Mistresses. Every care is taken to ensure healthy and clean atmosphere in the house. Sufficient staff is to serve the Boarders. There are two spacious and well-furnished Dining Halls in two main hostel buildings. Besides, a study room in each house.

House studies

Due importance is given to house studies. It is conducted twice a day under the supervision of House Master / Mistresses and one duty teacher. Each boarder is given especially individual attention and provided support to prepare for the test/examinations and other assignments. The ceremony is arranged in honor of the position holders to award them.

Religious studies

Besides, Islamiat being a compulsory subject for all classes, extensive measures are taken for religious training. Daily lessons of Quran (Nazrah) are conducted in the school Mosque by Hafiz -e-Quran. Five times prayers are compulsory for all (Muslim) boarders.


The Boarders are provided with nutritious and balanced diet with all possible hygienic precautions. The Mess committee with the approval of the Principal prepares menu in consultation with boarders. The Medical Officer of the School and the Principal carry out regular inspection of the quality of food. House Masters / Mistresses take their meals with the Boarders and send reports about the quality of food. Special diet for patients as recommended by the Doctor is also provided.


Mosque is moral spiritual and religious training center. Besides, Islamiat being a compulsory subject for all classes, extensive measures are taken for religious training of the students. Daily lessons of Quran (Nazrah) are conducted in the School Mosque by Hafiz-e - Quran. In the Morning assembly, recitation from Holy Quran is followed by imparting religious instructions on any aspect of life.
Special attention is paid for holding the religious functions on the occasion of specific days.


The School is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the area. It is well-known for its curricular as well as co-curricular pursuits. Besides curricular, co-curricular activities also play vital role in developing and grooming the personality, create discipline, team spirit, confidence, passions and competitive courage.
Main stress amongst these activities is laid on speeches, declamations, debates, quiz competitions, Naat National songs, Dramas, variety shows and other literary & cultural pursuits.
In this regard, the School is proud to have a fabulously, spacious, well-furnished Auditorium with the capacity of approximately 500 seats. The auditorium fulfils all the requirements to promote and encourage the activities. It also facilitates the other institutions to hold their functions.