The IBA-Public School has housed the Early Childhood Education (ECE) classrooms in a new building and a separate block for the tiny tots. The section comprises four levels from ECE-I to ECE-IV. The children enrolling in ECE section range from three to eight years in age. Keeping in view the holistic development of the child’s crucial growing years, the focus is given on key learning areas highlighted in National Curriculum of ECE, children are encouraged to explore and nurture their potential in the following areas; • Language and Literacy Basic mathematical concepts and Numeracy • The World around us • Health hygiene, safety and Physical Education • Creative Arts In addition; • The performance of the child is assessed by portfolio and progress checklist. • Progress report of the each child is shared to the parent twice a year. • Term wise syllabus breakup is provided to the parents in a beginning of each term. • Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are conducted in every two months.
Salient Features of ECE Section
- Separate Academic block - Qualified, experienced Staff - Well decorated Classrooms - Project base learning - Activity based learning - Festivals, events, annual days and celebration of international days are also observed according to the school calendar - Medical facility - Games for Cognitive development- - Library - Computer lab - Learning resource center - Conference hall for Parents meeting - Child special care through Aya - Kids Play area, water area, Sand area