The section comprises four levels from PG to ECE II. Keeping in view holistic development of the child’s crucial growing age, 3 to 5 years, focus is on key learning areas, highlighted in National Curriculum of ECE which includes:

Personal and social development

    Language and Literacy basic mathematical concepts and Numeracy
    The World around us
    Health hygiene, safety and Physical Education
    Creative Arts

The children are encouraged to explore and nurture their potential in the above mentioned areas.

    The performance of children is assessed on portfolio and progress checklist.
    Progress report of the children is issued to the parents in the beginning of each term, in the months, April and November.
    Parent- Teacher Meeting (PTMs) are conducted in april and August.

The school is facilitated with separate ECE block, with fully equipped, Learning Resource Center and play area. To fulfill the learning needs of the ECE children