Public School Sukkur has produced thousands graduates to-date, each one being an outstanding professional. School graduates are holding respectable positions in the corridor of power and private sector. Most of the Leading Politician, CSS officers, Chief Executives and top management positions in leading listed companies, corporations and banks are lead by ALUMNI of Public School Sukkur.

Our alumni make us proud - proving with their performance in higher studies as they leave Public School being well-prepared for the advancing and challenging education opportunities. Our alumni are known for their conceptual understanding of subjects as well as for leadership skills and in depth learning with soft skills, they bring to the universities and communities as critical thinking, leadership, and communication. They are known to perform well against competitors both nationally and internationally. Every year, our alumni secure admissions into renowned colleges and universities across Pakistan and abroad pursuing diverse disciplines

Alumni Registration

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Some of the glimpses are under

1.      Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Jillani

2.      Mir Ghalib Domki

3.      Syed Niaz Hussain Shah

4.      Mir Muhammad Arif Khan Mahar

5.      Mr. Jawed Hussain Shah (MPA)

6.      Jam Ikramullah Khan Dharejo (MPA)

7.      Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Khaskheli

8.      Dr.  Aamir Abbas Soomro

9.      Mr. Sharjeel Kharl (DPO)

10.  Mr.Peer Muhammad Shah (DPO)

11.  Dr. Hira Muneer Mughal

12.  Major Asadullah Balouch

13.  Major Riaz Hussain Shah

14.  Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Bhutto

15.  Mr. Aakash Soomro

16.  Ms. Usra Shah

17.  Dr. Samreen Bhatti

18.  Mr. Akhtar Muhammad Shah

19.  Ms. Sehrish Bukhari

20.  Ms. Samer-un-Nisa Abbasi

21.  Ms. Maryam Phulpoto

22.  Ms. Anum Bukhari

23.  Ms. Farzeen Shah

24.  Mr. Akbar Mahar

25.  Dr. Waseem Akbar

26.  Mr. Ahsanullah Sundrani

27.  Mr. Muhammad Asim Khokhar

28.  Mr. Jan Muhammad Mahar

29.  Mr. Atif Khan Mazari (MPA) Punjab

30.  Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Bijarani

31.  Dr. Yasir Soomro

32.  Mr. Zakirullah Siddiqi

33.  Aijaz Ali Khoso

34.  Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar