Senior section of IBA-Public School Sukkur is comprises the classes from IX to XII. In this section, the School is affiliated with below examination boards
1. Aga Khan University Examination board (AKUEB)
2. Cambridge International Examinations (CIA)

The students of this section have always shown very good results in the public examinations. To make instruction more beneficial, relevant and full of learning, the students of this section are involved in science practical and different projects. Overall, a challenging learning environment has been created to foster critical thinking so that the graduates of the school prove themselves critical leaders in all fields of life. A carefully designed curriculum ensures that the students are constantly encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills to arrive at solutions to different types of problems, while simultaneously preparing for the board exams. They participate in non-scholastic areas to continue their all-round growth and development.

Aga Khan University Examination board (AKUEB)
IBA Public School Sukkur introduced AKUEB system in the school in August, 2014. AKUEB is based on three aspects:
Knowledge based
Application based
Understanding based
Practical assessment, Reading assessment, writing assessment and listening assessment are the main components of AKUEB.

To maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency during the assessment and result processes, AKU-EB uses a seeding process and exclusive e-marking software. These processes not only maintain the anonymity of students to the e-markers, but also preserve the maximum level of transparency which empowers students to achieve what they truly deserve.
If students are not satisfied with their results, there is a facility of rechecking of papers provided to the students in AKUEB. Learning Support Materials are supplementary services offered by AKU-EB to assist students. These resources include past papers for all subjects, anthologies for Urdu Compulsory, Urdu Asaan and English Literature subjects, a guide for SSC I English Compulsory, resource lists and concept maps for ten subjects, and a command words guide.